Boho Chic 

Happy hump day lovelies! I hope you’re all having a great week so far 💙

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to partner here in Atlanta with Boho Bus. When this collaboration came about I completely “fan girled.”  After pulling myself back together, I knew I wanted to bring y’all the cutest dresses! Before we jump in, I want to give y’all some background on Boho Bus.

Boho Bus is a rolling style tour, bringing free-spirited styles to modern bohemian girls all over the country. I mean, how cool of an idea and concept is that?! You are also able to shop all the items online. Boho Bus was started in Atlanta by a team of two sisters and their dad, which makes me love the company even more. If you are new around here, then you are not aware of how much I love local boutiques. But not just any boutique, I love boutiques that are unique and truly care about their customers. Which is exactly what Boho Bus is, to the core.

For this collaboration I picked two of my favorite dresses from their summer collection. You can receive a discount by using the code: FORDLEESTYLE10 at checkout. To find the two dresses I styled click on the below links:

The Paisley tee dress is such a great weight for summer. It’s extremely flattering and the material is lightweight which is perfect for those hot Atlanta summers. It’s also extremely comfortable, the perfect dress to wear for drinks or dinner around town. Oh, and did I mention it’s currently on sale?

Y’all, I do not have words to describe how much I love the Pink Watercolor dress. My friend Maggie actually showed up at my house about three months ago wearing this dress. I hounded her about where she got it from and had to know all of the details immediately because I am a crazy person. Naturally I got distracted and forgot to purchase the dress in that moment. Which is a major regret of mine, considering how perfect it is!

This is the kind of dress you wear to date night, dinner, a bridal shower or around your house because you’re like me and just can’t get enough.

If my whole closet could contain Boho Bus, I would be the happiest girl. Their items are so chic and effortlessly beautiful. They are perfect for the free spirit who loves and appreciates amazing quality. If you are in need or just want some killer summer items go check out Boho Bus. They’re items are such a reasonable price point, completely beautiful and so flattering. Don’t forget to use the code FORDLEESTYLE10 for a discount!


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