House Hunt – One Track Mind

Happy Tuesday lovelies! I hope you’re all having a great start to the week, filled with lots of productivity and coffee.

I had mentioned in my Instagram story how I wanted to start blogging about our house hunting adventures. A little over two months ago Aaron and I decided to start looking for a house. He currently owns a townhouse, but we both agreed we wanted to get something new for the two of us. I was still living in Atlanta at the time and was not sure what my life in Ohio would look like. The first two times we went to view houses I wasn’t mentally in the game. I was more concerned about getting everything squared away with my move to Ohio than finding a new house. Which I’m sure my realtor would love to hear… sorry Joe!

When we first started talking about houses I had so many questions I was not able to answer. I had no specific area, bedroom number, square footage or desirable floor plan. The only thing I told Aaron that I wanted was a white kitchen, a white kitchen with light grey marble countertops to be extremely specific. Unfortunately I for some reason could not wrap my mind around the fact that it is REALLY easy to repaint cabinets. And if this is the only thing that is needed to be updated in the house, then girlfriend you better jump on that house ASAP.

Sometimes going in with no requirements is helpful, but in our case it created way more question and indecisiveness. When the house world is your oyster you will always look for something better and better. Thankfully after the first twelve houses Aaron was able to gauge the areas I liked, loved and hated. From there we started narrowing in on the smaller things that would ultimately make or break a house.

Throughout this series I hope I’m able to shed some light into the highs and lows of purchasing your first home. It hasn’t been the longest journey, but it has been filled with so many learning curves. Tonight I’ll be sharing the first and possibly most important lesson.

Viewing Fifteen Houses In One Day Is TOO Much. 

Our first day of viewing houses was slammed. We wanted to see as much as possible and like I had previously said, we had no major area requirements. So we asked our realtor to show us pretty much all options that were in our price range. This meant a long day of walking in and out of fifteen different houses. At first I was so excited to see as many houses as possible. I wanted to know all of our options and really understand what was available in the market.

I wish I would have known that after walking through six houses all of the houses become a blur. I remembered the first house because it was beautiful and met everything aesthetically that I had in my mind. But after house number five everything else just blended together. I was exhausted, tired of walking up two flights of stairs in every house, and just wanted to eat a big fat burger. Sometimes you just have to take it easy and realize that there is always another day.

My advice if you’re about to go view some houses for the first time: ask your realtor only to show you the best five to seven out of your list, or out of the available houses that fit your requirements. By no means should you look at over ten your first time. I promise you that you will not remember all of the houses and you’ll become aggravated by the end of the day.

Hope you all like this new home topic! I’m excited to bring y’all along this process and hopefully soon we’ll have a new place. Once that happens I’ll be flooding y’alls inbox with interior tips and photos of our new place!


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