25 Years Young

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! Hope you are all having a fabulous day! I’m usually not a fan of Monday’s but yesterday was my birthday so I made an exception. If you follow me on Instagram then you are already in the loop that I was in Mexico for the past week! The resort was beautiful, food was amazing and the weather was unreal. I’ll be posting a review later this week all about the Excellence at Playa Mujeres.

In honor of making it to another year, I thought it would be fun to create a list of 25 things I have learned up until today.


  1. Wear sunscreen
  2. Don’t obsess over the little things- still working on this one πŸ™ˆ
  3. Take chances whenever you can
  4. Admit when you’re in the wrong
  5. Think before you speak
  6. Everyone makes mistakes, show some grace
  7. Judging someone will not get you anywhere in life
  8. Forgive- trust me, not forgiving just makes you more miserable πŸ˜‘
  9. Spend time with your family
  10. Doing something that terrifies you, can actually result in the greatest life change
  11. Cook – it’ll leave extra money in your wallet and help keep those pants fitting.
  12. Peanut butter is always the answer
  13. Sometimes you just need to stress eat
  14. Wine makes every night better
  15. Say how you feel when you’re feeling it, don’t wait for a better time because you never know if that will come
  16. Find a hobby that really excites you- this blog has become my hobby that keeps the creativity flowing
  17. Don’t care what other people think – this is a hard one, but it’s worth it
  18. Go on vacation- even if it’s just to the next city, throw some adventure in your life
  19. Be spontaneous- I spent 23 years of my life being terrified and saying no. Missed out on so much when I look back
  20. Ramen might taste great, but you can’t live off of it
  21. Coffee will help you solve any morning issue
  22. Splurge on that nice leather purse, it’ll last a long time and so worth it
  23. It’s okay to say no- be selfish once in awhile it’ll do your mental health well
  24. Ask for help- one person can’t do everything on their own. Life becomes much easier when you have someone to help out
  25. Be patient- I’m still working on this one… but I’ve heard it’s a wonderful thing when you’ve conquered it πŸ™ˆ
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Thank you all who have wished me a happy birthday today! It’s been such a wonderful day and I loved being able to spend it with those I care about.

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