From FordLee Style to Vino in the Village

Happy Friday lovelies!

I hope y’all are super pumped for the weekend like I am! Aaron and I are going to Shakespeare in the park tonight, which I’m super excited for! German Village has these fun and unique events you can do on the weekend or during the week. Well actually, all of Columbus does! I’m excited to finally start spending time in Columbus and having somewhat of a “staycation” lifestyle.

Some of you all may have noticed, and some may have not that I have a new name! What was formally known as FordLee Style has now changed to Vino in the Village.

So pour yourself a glass of wine and lets jump in the name change dirty details!

Why Change the Name

I started blogging in December 2016 and the main idea behind my blog was to launch my business. This business included social media management, creative marketing specialization and personal styling. I always wanted to own a boutique called FordLee Style. Ford in my middle name and Lee is my mom’s middle name, the two combined always had a nice ring to me. This seemed like the perfect time to utilize the FordLee name and create my business. What I did not think through was how much this would be for one girl to handle on top of a full-time job. Well slowly my blog moved forward, but my services did not.

When I moved to Columbus my blog activity went stagnate and I had been throwing around ideas of a new name for a while. Even though I love the name FordLee it always felt more like a boy name than a women’s lifestyle blog.  A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my front porch with a glass of wine in my hand, thinking of things I loved/enjoyed and how they could be turned into a blog name…

  • Vino
  • German Village
  • Clothing
  • My friends and family
  • Food

And then it hit me, “Vino in the Village” was born through a simple move and my undying love for wine. Simple enough, right?

How did I Change my Blog Name?

 To be honest, this is something I lucked into working out somewhat correct. When I came up with the name I automatically checked to see if the domain was available, and it was! So I bought the name and my plan was to slowly build my website, along with transferring the FordLee domain to Vino in the Village.

I won’t bore you all with the mundane website hosting details. Let’s just say I could somehow redirect to through the magic world of Bluehost.

Long Term Plan?

 You might be asking or wondering what will happen to the name of my blog once we move from German Village. Nothing, I will keep the name Vino in the Village because honestly it feels like such a perfect name for this blog. Regardless of where we move or end up next, I will always look for a house that has the “village” vibe and have a glass of wine in my hand. With those two I can take this blog anywhere and everywhere.


Anything new Happening Due to the Name Change?

 Why yes there is! Over the past couple of weeks my Instagram has been growing and I’m so excited to share my blog with more people! So here’s the deal, at the end of August if my account hits 4K followers there will be a $40 Nordstrom giftcard giveaway.

BUT if it hits 5K followers by the end of August then there will be a $40 Nordstrom giftcard giveaway PLUS additional goodies from local boutiques here in Columbus!

This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who is following along on this journey! I am SO excited for everything else I have planned for the remainder of this year and next.


If you ever have any questions please shoot me an email or message below!

I love hearing from y’all and knowing what you want to see more of, what you’re interested in and what you’d like to see less of.