60 Days Until 2018- How will you Spend it?

You have 60 Days Until 2018, are you prepared to spend them correctly?

Crap, I just realized I only have 60 days to lose 15 pounds.

This morning it hit me, there are only 60 days until 2018. 2017 has been a complete whirlwind, emotionally and literally. There is a part of me that is not prepared to close this year, or this chapter.

With so much that has happened over the year, I still feel like I haven’t accomplished enough. That I’ve slacked off in small areas of my life. My fitness goals were definitely not met, I’ve grown distant with some friends and I’ve gained new ones. But, if I stop and think, the past ten months have been unlike any other.

  • Made a career change
  • Went from a renter to a homeowner
  • Moved states
  • Traveled around the United States
  • Gained ten pounds
  • Finally gave Orange Theory Fitness and Systems of Strength a run for my money
  • Experienced complete peace for a brief moment
  • Felt total anxiety and loneliness at times
  • Spent more connected time with my family


It’s hard to list every new experience I’ve had this year, but the list above does a pretty great job summarizing. 2017 has been one of the most growing year’s for my character and personal outlook on life. I’ve taken chances that I had only ever spoken of and had moments where I felt those taken chances had turned into a complete failure. I’ve never doubted or trusted my instincts more within ten months of living.

2017 has been a year of growth. 

When I look forward to the remaining 60 days until 2018, I hope I remember to slow down. To soak in every small moment and detail, to truly be present in the time I have with those I care for. I hope whoever is reading the post is able to do the same. Life is hectic and messy, but when I quickly look back on the year I don’t remember the small messy moments. Or the moments where I was exhausted, feeling like the tenth cup of coffee couldn’t even keep me awake.

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I remember the trips we took, the truly fun and carefree times. The pivotal moments when my professional goals became a true passion and reality. And I remember moments where I slowed down, and felt God moving and working in my life. 


Every New Year I make a list of goals for myself, and honestly majority of them never happen. I’m sure come January 1st 2018 I will make another list, filled with lofty goals and expectations for my 25 year old self. This is my nature, to always try and be better. As I’m putting the finishing touches on this post, listening to the rain drop outside, I want to challenge myself and you. After the next 60 days of 2017 fly bye (and we both know that they will) and the New Year has been celebrated with too much champagne. When you’re sitting on the couch the first day of 2018, preparing to write your New Year goals, write one or two goals to slow down. To try something new for the first time, to spend time disconnected from work or social media.

Let’s both make a goal that will better us for those in our lives. A goal that doesn’t involve losing weight, making more money or owning a bigger better something. Because at the end of the day, aren’t those in our lives more important than a new thinner, faster electronic device?




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