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Happy Monday lovelies!

Hope you all have some strong coffee and you’re ready to take on a new week! I spent this past weekend at Rosemary Beach celebrating my girl Lauren getting hitched. It was so nice having a girls weekend and soaking in some rays.

This Thursday myself and ten friends leave for Key West! We’ll be there for a week, so make sure you’re following along with all the fun on Instagram and snapchat!

But let’s get to the main reason why you are here, how to pack an efficient carry on bag.

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to travel a whole lot. Whether it was meeting up with Aaron for a weekend trip (flashback to our LDR days) or taking a quick trip with the gals, I had to become a carryon packing pro.

Below our my top five tips for packing a carryon like a pro!


Tip 1: Purchase a Solid Rolling Suitcase

Having a rolling suitcase that fits in the overhead bins seems like a no-brainer, but honestly I had always checked a bag when traveling previously. So my carryon was an oversized purse for the majority of my traveling days. Man did my world change once I invested in a rolling carryon. Here are some great options for y’all if you’re in the market!

Tip 2: Plan Your Outfits And Roll 

Y’all I’m beyond the worst when it comes to picking outfits, but forcing myself to plan ahead has saved SO much room within my carryon. It also helps to create a relaxing vacation, no worrying or stressing over what to wear. One thing my dad always did when we traveled was roll all of his clothing. This is something I still do today when it comes to traveling. It truly saves you SO much room inside your suitcase.

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Tip 3: Put your liquids in These 

When it comes to shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash and face wash there really is no reason to purchase travel size bottles in addition to your regular size. Simply transfer your products into travel size containers and call it a day! Not only do you save money, you are able to use your products without worrying if the hotel or Airbnb will have products you like. Typically makeup comes in a small enough size that you do not need to purchase a travel option. Hair spray and other aerosol products will need to be additional travel size purchases.  I’ve linked a few travel size options below!

Tip 4: Store Small Items in A Bag 

Shoe bags or mesh laundry bags are perfect for separating out your small, loose belongings and keeping them together. Keeping items together will not only save space, it helps to eliminate time spent searching for all your missing items once you arrive at your destination.

Here are some great bags:

Tip 5: Keep your Passport and Travel Docs in a Holder 

I can not tell y’all enough how helpful it is to have everything in one place! When I travel I put my passport, drivers license, documentation and cash all in my passport holder. This is amazing for  an easy security line trip and convenient to throw back in your purse. Keeping everything in one place takes all the stress out of my mind and I’m able to quickly pass through security or customs.

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Here are some great passport holders:


Hope you all enjoyed these tips! If you have anything you do before a trip that I’ve missed please comment below!

Happy traveling loves!




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