How I knew it was time to invest and giveback to my community

It’s time to invest and giveback to my community

Happy Friday loves! I hope you all are ready for a relaxing weekend. I have to work some on Saturday so I’m just pretending like today is Thursday. But that’s okay, because it’s almost time for a new week and new goals! One of my main goals for 2018 was to invest and giveback to my community more.


How I define community

When I first thought of community Columbus, Ohio came to mind. To be completely transparent I have not been fully invested in a community since my high school days. Life became a blurry mess after leaving Michigan and until a few months ago I never really had a city I called home. I set a goal for myself to start investing into Columbus this year. I just recently discovered how this will look and now it’s time to start moving forward with the plan. So more to come on that!

The second community that came to mind was this online community Vino in the Village has blessed me with over the past year. But how can I even start to thank and give back to every one of you? At first I thought I would ask you all to send me your prayer and struggle requests. The task alone seems overwhelming and does not really build community. But if we all came together and invested in one another through prayer and support then that is larger than this blog platform. Which is the ultimate goal!

So why don’t we build an online community, where we invest in one another regardless of what state you live in! There is no monetary requirement or ask. I simply want to create a community where women of all ages and walks of life can come together and pray. If you want to join the Facebook group simply click here!

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I really hope and pray that this group can become a positive investment of time and prayer for every lady. When I dream up ideas they are always large and far reached. The dream on my heart for this group is that one day ladies in different states will be able to connect up in person. Taking an online relationship and making it an in person community relationship.

Please comment below if you’re joining the group!




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