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Wait, You Mean I have to Dress Like an Adult?

Dress like an adult you say, hard pass. 

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Happy Thursday lovelies! Sorry it has been a hot second since the last post, I swear these weeks are getting away from me! If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram stories, then you already know it’s been a hectic couple of weeks! Today’s post is all about how to Dress Like an Adult, because apparently that’s what I am.

I’ve been lucky enough that for the past three years of my professional work life, the dress code has been: business casual. Which actually means, “you can wear jeans as long as you look put together.” I love that my work wardrobe has not had to differ much from my personal style over the past few years. But once I turned 25 this summer, it was like there was a sudden change on how I viewed professional attire. Yes, I still want to wear my comfortable Rockstar jeans, but I also want to look put together and chic.

Which sparked the perfect blog post idea! Just because we start dressing “older,” doesn’t mean we can’t easily double our work clothes for happy hour looks. Now, I want to clarify the below before we jump into these three different looks:

  • Yes, I understand these are still casual and might not work for everyone.
  • All of these tops would instantly become more “professional” if paired with a dark black skinny pant!
  • Majority of these pieces are an additional 40%, if you use the code: HAPPY

Gimme the Gingham 

The first thing I thought when I saw this top- this is totally not me, but I love it!

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Dress Like an Adult

Ask anyone, and the last thing they’d categorize my style as, would be preppy. But for some reason lately, these contrast tops have been getting me! I love how the gingham layer adds some texture and shape to this top. It takes a plain cotton tee and totally transforms it into the perfect work top!

Dress Like an Adult

Fancy Pullover Goals

Okay y’all, can we all take a moment and appreciate how perfect this top is! I love all the detail and the gathered front. At first I was afraid this top wouldn’t be very flattering, but boy was I wrong! The gathered front created the most flattering look, tucking the top in right where you need it!

Dress Like an Adult

This would be a great and easy look for everyday work life. Personally I would pair this top with some black skinny jeans and heels if your dress code is a little stricter.
Dress Like an Adult

Hope you all enjoyed today’s looks! My ultimate goal would be to get a few workwear posts out a month, so fingers crossed this can happen. Trust me, I understand how difficult it can be to dress like an adult. Especially when leggings are my usual go to.

I’m thinking for the next look incorporating over the knee boots. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!




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