Excellence Trip

Happy hump day lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week so far! It’s crazy that we were just in Mexico two weeks ago, I already miss it and it feels like it’s been ages. If you followed along on Instagram you are fully aware that we had a great time! Oh, and sorry for the over instastory posts… I just couldn’t help myself. The Excellence Playa Mujeres was too beautiful not to over post about. The Excellence is an adults only resort, which I enjoy as someone who does not have kids of their own. This was my second time staying at an adults only resort, and I highly suggest it if you do not have children.


The resort had these beautiful pools outside of the restaurant and main lobby. It was so nice being able to look out at these views while eating breakfast. There was one large pool that wrapped around 80% of the resort. This is where we spent majority of our days, either laying by the pool, in the pool or in a pool hammock.


The sun was so intense while we were visiting that majority of our trip was spent hiding from it. I’m the worst when it comes to getting sunburnt, so sunscreen and shade was my friend.

We happened to be at the Excellence over the fourth of July. As a full blown America loving man, Aaron was having a hard time with the thought of being in Mexico over the fourth. Well, the Excellence threw a beach party with fireworks and good “American” food in order to celebrate Independence Day.

Let’s get into the details of the trip, you know, all of the “important” things and not just how beautiful the resort was.

Food: delicious and the servings were average. I’ve stayed at a few all inclusive resorts before and this food was by far at the top. For the serving size, I personally was full and satisfied after every meal. Aaron and my dad on the other hand had multiple servings at lunch and dinner. But they’re guys, so that doesn’t really count right? The resort also had a great room service menu, and food was offered 24/7 through room service.

Drinks: each day there was a “drink of the day” that was alcoholic and non-alcoholic. All of the drinks were delicious and our waiters even made up their own drinks based on our preferences. I mean, does it get any better than that?!  I really loved that they offered a non-alcoholic option for those who did not drink.

Service: our waiters, concierge and all of the staff we came in contact with was amazing. They were so friendly, made sure we always had everything we needed before we knew we wanted it and overall made the trip better.

Rooms: the rooms were AMAZING! We had a huge walk in shower, double sinks on the counter, full sized couch, king size bed, Jacuzzi and a pool view porch. The only thing I would have changed about the accommodations: a more private toilet section.  I mean no one really wants to know what’s happening in there, am I right?

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If you decide to take a trip to Mexico in July, make sure to bring waterproof mascara, crazy strong hairspray (the humidity was nuts) and tons of sunscreen.

We had the best time visiting the Excellence and honestly, can’t wait to go back. I’m pressuring Aaron for a trip early next year….so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!