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Goodbye 2017 Vacations, You were Fun

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Sorry for not posting yesterday, the day got away from me and Aaron was sick. So there was a lot happening and not a whole lot of time! Last night I started looking back on old photos from the past year and it hit me, we went on so many fun vacations! I also realized, that over the past year some of you may have missed out on a post here and there. Thanks to my domain name change, which wasn’t totally planned.  Anyway, I wanted to give you a nice recap before we jump into winter.

January 2017 was all about our trip to Florida. You can read the whole post here  for the details on where we stayed, ate and explored. It was so nice starting the year off with a vacation to Florida, the weather was chilly but not freezing. I was able to see some old friends and we had the best time!

February 2017 we took a trip to D.C. and y’all this might have been one of my favorite trips we took together. It was FREEZING, the weekend went by so fast, but we had the best time exploring visiting a million different museums.


March 2017 I took a day trip to Wolf Mountain vineyards with my girl Erika. We had the best time exploring the vineyard and it left me wondering why I hadn’t spent every weekend up there!

Not a whole lot took place throughout April, May and June I came back to Ohio for a few weekends in April and May (I was still living in Atlanta at the time.) I made the move to Columbus at the end of May, so May and June was all about moving to Columbus and then settling in.

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This summer was a crazy one for us… goodness. But it was also such a fun summer, that completely flew by!

We started off the month of July with a trip to Cancun with my parents. Hello beaches, unlimited fruity drinks and an amazing selection of food. If you’re looking for a place to Stay in Mexico, make sure to check out my post!


August is what I like to call the month of pure beach craziness. I went on a long weekend bachelorette trip to Seaside  and we ended the month with a week long trip to Key West. 


Sometimes life gets so crazy I forget about all the fun memories and vacations we took.

Keep an eye out for some fun fall looks coming y’alls way this month!




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