Happy One Year to Vino in the Village

How has it been one year already?

Did you catch Wednesday’s New Obsession Post? 

Happy Friday loves! I can not believe it has already been one year since Vino in the Village begun. I was completely terrified and unsure if anyone would be interested in what I had to say. Over the past year you all have truly been so supportive and I love waking up every morning knowing it’s a new day to create content, connect with wonderful humans and try my best to keep pushing forward in this crazy social media world.

It’s crazy to think this mug picture was my casual way of testing the blogging waters on Instagram.

First blog post to be published

Over the past year I’ve learned so much, not only about the industry but also myself. I’ve learned that there are so many ups and downs when it comes to this journey, and how important it is to keep pushing forward. I discovered an  entrepreneurial desire inside that I had pushed down for so long. This blog helped me to discover my true passion, pushed me to follow my passion and ultimately led me to a place of bliss.

I overcame fear, self doubt and started down a journey I had only imagined for years. 

In one year I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and really push myself to grow everyday. When I decided to start a blog I honestly was afraid it was something I would do for a few months and then get discouraged and call it quits. But something funny happened once I started, I found this drive that no job had ever created before. I was sharing parts of my life with people I had never met and developing relationships all over the world. This is no exaggeration, I have a great group of blogger friends in Europe that I communicate with daily!

The day I hit publish on my first awkwardly written blog post was one of the best first steps I’ve ever taken.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed along this journey with me. I am so excited for another year bringing you all content and adventures. My goal when I started this blog was to create a place filled with information and encouragement. Sometimes I ramble, sometimes I truly don’t know why anyone reads what I have to say, but every single time I hit “publish” I am thankful for this platform. Not only this platform, but for every single person who has become a part of the Vino in the Village community.

There are not enough words or “thank you’s” to tell each of you how much your reading and comments have meant over the year. If you ever have a topic you’d like covered please shoot me an email or comment anywhere within this site.

Let’s stay connected no matter your favorite social media site! You can find me everywhere, don’t you worry.

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2 thoughts on “Happy One Year to Vino in the Village

  1. I had no idea that you’ve been doing this for 1 year, by the looks of your Instagram it seems like you’ve been blogging for much longer! Even though I’ve been following you for a short while on insta I’m so glad I discovered you, you seem like a real person…there are so many bloggers out there who are super successful but they just don’t seem real. Hope that makes sense! Anyways, congratulations on your first year, I can’t wait to continue following your journey!

    1. Thank you SO much Lindsey! That truly means so so much to me.
      My goal is always to be as genuine as possible when it comes to my blog. I’m so glad we’ve connected on Instagram as well!

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