New Hair, who this?

Happy humpday lovelies!

Today is my “Friday” and I’m so excited to head to Florida for my girl Lauren’s bach weekend! I’ll be posting so many insta stories and snapchats of the weekend, so make sure we’re friends on those accounts!

Before heading off for the weekend, my hair needed some MAJOR TLC. I’ve always been able to get away with the lowest maintenance when it came to my locks, but lately they were looking rough. Thankfully I was able to cover up the dead and damaged ends by curling my hair, but enough was enough. One of my girlfriends here recommended I go see her girl Christine Langston. Let me tell y’all, she worked MAGIC on my hair. Here is the before and after pictures:

Before…. I had NO idea my ends were this bad.
After! 4.5 inches cut off and a color touch up.


I honestly couldn’t believe my hair was as bad as it was. Christine ended up cutting off around 4.5 inches of dead and damaged hair, so sad but SO much better!

One way I could have prevented all of this damaged hair would have been to use heat protecting product…. which I was not. Like I said, I’ve always been super low  maintenance and that is something I no longer will be when it comes to my locks.

You definitely do not want to let your hair get as damaged as mine was, save it while you can! Thankfully Christine was able to give me this perfect medium length hair style and I’m pretty in love with my new length! If you’re in Columbus and in need of a haircut or color look for Christine Langston on StyleSeat! She was amazing and I beyond recommend her!

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I’ve linked some great heat protectants and hair treatments for damaged hair for y’all below! After doing some research the items below were ranked the highest and suggested by hair stylists. I will be testing products out over the next couple of months and after that I’ll be able to give you my thoughts and reviews!





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