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Have the best Night’s Sleep, via Sleepy’s Mattress!

Chilly weekends should be spent in bed, on a “Sleepy’s Mattress” bed.

Mattress Firm supplied a complimentary mattress for my post below. All comments and statements are my own opinion.

Happy Friday loves! Are y’all so excited for the weekend? I can’t believe it’s already almost Christmas, seems like just yesterday it was summer. One of my favorite things about the weather getting colder is, spending more time cuddled up in bed. This Friday’s post is all about how to have the best night’s sleep! Thanks to my friends at the Mattress Firm, I’m able to share with you all their newest mattress: Sleepy’s Mattress !

Before we jump into today’s post, I want to share with you how AMAZING my experience with Mattress Firm has been. We have been in the market for a new mattress since moving into the house. With both of us having back problems, an old memory foam bed has not been cutting it! Now, I understand there might be an image around bloggers as people who are constantly looking to receive products for free. This was not the case when it came to a mattress, or looking to collaborate with a mattress/home company. I understand how expensive mattresses are and I would never expect to receive one for free!

After a not so great encounter with another mattress company, I posted a screenshot on Twitter. I know I know, so petty. But hey, rude responses from brands is just not cool in my book. Well that screenshot ended up resulting in Mattress Firm reaching out to me! My point of contact was so sweet and had their new Sleepy’s Mattress at my door in a few weeks.


Sleepy's mattress

Mattress firm will set up a delivery time and personally deliver your mattress to your front door. I absolutely love this because not only are they ensuring that your mattress is making it there in one piece, they’re also bringing it up to whatever room you’d like. Which takes out all the stress and potential arguing that easily happens if you and your significant other are struggling to lug it up the stairs.

Sleepy's mattress

The Sleepy’s Mattress comes rolled up in a box, which was great for us! It allowed us time to schedule a bulk pick up and not worry about having multiple mattresses hanging out around the house. Taking the mattress out of the box is really simple and honestly I wouldn’t want to deal with a mattress any other way.



Sleepy's Mattress

Mattress firm did something great here with the Sleepy’s mattress, they eliminated all the bells and whistles, and provided the best night’s sleep. This memory foam mattress is perfect for those looking for a high quality mattress at a reasonable price point. This mattress should truly come with a disclosure that says, “warning you will never want to leave bed again.”

After sleeping on this mattress for a little over a month and a half I can honestly say there is nothing I would change. Typical memory foam mattresses hold the heat in and leave you feeling all gross and sweaty. This mattress on the other hand does not change temperature at all!



You can purchase your own Sleepy’s Mattress right here!  

There are so many different options when it comes to mattress thickness available. We have the Cool Plush 12” mattress and have nothing but amazing things to say about it! When it comes to our next mattress you better believe we’ll be taking a trip back to Mattress Firm.


I would love to hear if you have a memory foam from Mattress Firm and you’re loving it as well! We’re off to Michigan for the weekend, and I’m already missing this cloud like bed.