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So You Want To Start A Blog – 5 things I wish I would’ve known

So You Want To Start A Blog

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Happy Friday lovelies! I am so excited that the weekend is here! I have a lot of work to get done over the weekend, but it’s fun work so that doesn’t count. What are you all up to this weekend? Hopefully it involves a lot of couch time! One of the top topics I receive a lot of questions on, is blogging. Whether it is about how to start a blog, or what tools I use for blog posts, it’s definitely on everyone’s mind! So today I want to share 5 things I wish I would’ve known before starting my blog.

Number One: it is a lot of work

When I decided to start a blog, I didn’t really know everything that went into it. I thought it would be a simple click of a button and my website would exist. Little did I know, there would be many late nights being spent on the creation of this site. I didn’t have any help when it came to setting up my website, mostly because I didn’t want or have the extra cash to pay someone.

Youtube will be your biggest friend when setting up your site. I used Youtube for everything and anything blog related. If you start typing in “how to start a blog” you’ll instantly be flooded with blogging tips.


Number Two: There is a HUGE difference between and

My original site was through and I didn’t see any issue with that at the beginning. You’ll hear the term “self hosted” thrown around a lot. Basically it means that you completely own your site. And this can only be done through using Bluehost or Flywheel. I know this can sound confusing, or like I am saying the same thing. But to clarify, wordpress.ORG is the only way you’re able to use wordpress and embed affiliate links into your website and posts.

I currently use Bluehost and I am no pro at all. But if you’re looking to monetize your site, then self hosting is the only way to make it happen. Bluehost has been easy to navigate and straight forward, when it comes to setting up my site. Once you sign up wth Bluehost you’re able to install the wordpress application and start building your site!

Compared to other self hosting sites, the monthly fee for hosting is very minimal! If you’re interested in using Bluehost click the below box to be directed to their site.

Number Three: You do not need to invest in an expensive camera

When I started my blog and posting on social media, I truly believed that I needed to go buy an expensive camera. I’m SO happy that I didn’t do that at the start, because there are a lot of different apps you can use to edit your images. These apps not only help you to clean up your iPhone images, they are great for creating an appealing feed. I currently take my Instagram photos with my iPhone 8 plus and a tripod.

Apps I use for edits: snapseed and VSCO
Below is the tripod I currently use.


Number Four: It’s highly unlikely you’ll become famous overnight

We all know it happens, one video or post goes viral and you’re suddenly social media famous. A year later and I’m still waiting for my viral day (weird to say out loud LOL.) It’s important to think about why you want to start a blog. Honestly, if none of my posts ever become crazy popular in the social media world, that is okay. I love blogging and this platform that I’ve created. Figure out what your intentions and motives are behind your blog. It’s really easy to get sidetracked by everyone else’s success and forget to focus on your own accomplishments. Something I wish I would’ve know when I started was that, you can not hold your worth in a social media app. Some weeks I have amazing engagement and follower growth, other’s it seems like I’m going 10 steps backwards.


Number Five: Create a Content Calendar

When you start creating content for your website and social media account it is easy to get overwhelmed or simply forget. Creating a content calendar has been amazing! Not only am I able to work ahead on posts, I’m able to see a full picture of what my month looks like. Yes, things still come up but when they do I no longer feel overwhelmed by the changes.

These are some calendars I currently use to plan out my content and schedule:


I would love to hear if you’re interested in some more blogging posts! If so, please comment below what you’d like to read next!




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