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Afternoon Rose Chats- Leap

Happy Wednesday! I have officially been “officially” blogging for five months now and have no idea where the time has gone. I thought it would be fun to use this week’s Afternoon Rose Chats as a way to kind of reintroduce myself and give you all some insight into how I started blogging. Over the past… Read More Afternoon Rose Chats- Leap


Afternoon Rosé- Patience 

Hi loves! I’m not really sure what happened yesterday… but I completely blanked, before I knew it Wednesday was over and my rosé chats had come and gone 😅 The upside to being in charge is that I can pretend like today is Wednesday and I have my life together! Recently there has been one… Read More Afternoon Rosé- Patience 


Rosé Chats- Positivity

I can not believe it is already hump day! So many things have been happening this week and I am extremely excited for some of the amazing opportunities starting to arise. Over the past couple of weeks I have been diving deeper through these rosé chats. They have become one of my favorite and hardest… Read More Rosé Chats- Positivity


Afternoon Rosé Chats- Comparison 

Every morning and night I open up Instagram and see perfect images of people’s lives. Finding myself envious of someone’s weekend trip to Mexico. Or wondering how this woman in LA lives a fairytale picture perfect life. Everyday we are told that there is someone out there doing it better, bigger and all the while they… Read More Afternoon Rosé Chats- Comparison 


Afternoon Rosé Chats

I’m starting a weekly series taking place every Wednesday afternoon. I’ll be diving deeper into some of the random thoughts and life tibits I’ve learned in my short 24 years of experience. So pour yourself a glass of rosé, kickback and I hope you enjoy this new series! If there’s anything in particular you’d like… Read More Afternoon Rosé Chats