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Take me to the Butcher Shop

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Hope y’all are having a great start to the week, Monday’s and Tuesday’s are always so rough… Let’s be real. But today has been kind of a good one, mostly because it’s Tuesday and we’re almost halfway through the week! Sunday night I prepped breakfast and lunch for the week and honestly… Read More Take me to the Butcher Shop


Why You Should Give up

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is mentally preparing for the upcoming week. I wanted to share something that I did this past week with you all. I decided to experiment and remove dairy from my diet. This was a HUGE task for myself considering I am in love with all things… Read More Why You Should Give up


Clarity Tea

 Is there really anything better then sipping on a warm cup of tea, listening to the birds sing and watching the sun shine through your kitchen after a night of rain? If every morning could be spent this peaceful I am positive the world would be a better place. If you are new around here I… Read More Clarity Tea


Daily Skin Bar Routine

Today is Wellness Wednesday and I am going to walk you through my daily skin care routine! I will also be highlighting my favorite Skin Bar products today. I use the “kali” line daily on my face. It is a simple three step process: cleanse, toner and moisturizer. These products not only smell amazing, they leave your skin hydrated and… Read More Daily Skin Bar Routine


Redefine the Mask

 It is a common joke with my close friends and family that I am awful when it comes to taking care of my face. Trust me I am not proud of this and they sadly are not off base. I am notorious for not removing all of my makeup at night and somehow my skin… Read More Redefine the Mask


Delicate Beauty 

I’ve recently had the opportunity to partner with DBTS Skin Bar located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. DBTS Skin Bar was created by Nancy Young and has everything from natural tea to skin care products. I will be trying out and reviewing multiple products a week. From the moment you walk into Nancy’s office you are greated… Read More Delicate Beauty