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Wedding Wednesday- How to Stay Focused

Happy Wednesday, or should I say Wedding Wednesday!

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Life has been a complete whirlwind the past two weeks. Between our engagement and finding out that the majority of venues in Columbus are booked for 2018, I’ve been all over the place. Staying focused and organized is now a necessity! Next Wedding Wednesday I’ll be sharing our engagement story and can’t wait tell y’all all the details!

With all the craziness staying focused has to be one of my top priorities. A few days after our engagement I thought, “Okay now it’s time to shed some pounds!” I know that might rub some the wrong way. But you only get married once and I want to look my absolute best! Between finding a venue, working full time, Holiday’s and running my blog, finding time to hit the gym has been a challenge. Once the venue is nailed down I’ll have mornings free and you’ll find me lifting those weights again!

I didn’t want a whole week and a half to go by without working out. So I’ve found some pretty simple ways to keep moving!

  1. Utilizing my Fitbit: the days I’m missing the gym, 10,000 steps is a requirement! Walking in place while working or watching tv has been one of the best ways I’ve found to get my steps in.
  2. Resistance Bands: I ordered a pack of resistance bands off of Amazon for $8 and use them when I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up around the house.
  3. Tracking my food: there are a million opinions out there on how you should eat and when. Find something that works for your body and stick with it. For me, it’s cutting out processed carbs (pasta, bread, rice..AKA deliciousness) and sticking to a diet filled with protein and veggies, with minimal fruits.
  4. Adding supplements into my daily routine:  I started taking supplements to help achieve the best results from my workouts, as well as kick my metabolism in the rear. I’ve linked the current supplements I’m taking below!
  5. Drinking a Gallon of Water Daily: this might seem like an excessive amount of water a day. But it helps to flush out your body, especially that extra water weight.


I’m so excited to start this Wedding Wednesday series with y’all! I’ll be sharing everything we learn from searching for venues to picking out the dress!

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