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Where the flock did the weekend go?

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far! I can’t believe we leave tomorrow morning for Key West, it feels like I just got back from Rosemary beach yesterday. The past weekend was so much fun celebrating my girl Lauren and her soon to be bride self! I flew into Atlanta last Thursday morning and headed to Rosemary beach with Bri. If you followed along on my Instagram Stories and Snapchat, then you caught on pretty fast how awfully bored I get on road trips. But, I’d like to pretend my obnoxious singing and snapchat filters kept Bri and everyone else entertained.

We rented a beautiful house for the weekend since there was 11 girls, yes you read that correctly. 11 females all in a house together, and we didn’t have any fights over the bathroom or who drank the last of the wine. Like, I’m pretty sure this is unheard of…. but these girls were so much fun and great, so it was not surprising!

I was honestly a little nervous for the weekend, I only knew the bride and Bri. So of course I was afraid all the other girls would hate me or think my stupid dance moves were ridiculously embarrassing. Which to be fair, they kind of are. Have I mentioned before that sometimes I have the mindset of a middle school girl? Cause those sentences definitely sounded very childish, but it’s true. Sometimes meeting new gals in your mid-twenties can be tough. But y’all, they were all SO great! It was nice being able to hang out with everyone before the wedding, and really getting to know all the girls will make the wedding even more fun.

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I also think it’s pretty impossible to have a bad time when you’re in this cute of a town! I mean, what a perfect little place to spend a long weekend.


The last night of our weekend we went to The Great Southern for dinner. Let’s just say, I enjoyed the shrimp and grits, but the staff left little to be desired. They did have some pretty cute and witty chalk board signs throughout their bar area. So I guess it kind of evens out? If you’re ever in Seaside I definitely suggest you grab dinner there, just don’t be super offended if the service isn’t amazing. I’m really working on holding my tongue and staying classy, so I’ll just sip my wine and leave my comments there.



I really couldn’t get over how picture perfect our back yard pool and house was! It looked straight out of a pinterest beach board. Sadly, our flamingo floats couldn’t hang the whole weekend with us.



The whole weekend was beyond relaxing, filled with sunshine and lots of great food. Well I should clarify, sunshine for everyone and a nice umbrella for me to hide under #palepeopleprobs.  It was so much fun attending a bachelorette weekend that didn’t leave you searching for water and desperately needing sleep for days.


The theme of the weekend was flamingos, palms and pink, I’m pretty sure I was living in a beach dream. We had huge flamingo floats in the pool and all the girls decorated the house so cute! From the moment we arrived it looked straight out of a Pinterest bachelorette dream board.

I had been eyeing these Nauti drinks for awhile and decided to finally give them a try. Since it was SO hot I didn’t want to drink something completely dehydrating. So spiked sparkling water seemed like the only logical choice. Let me tell you, I’m now trying my hardest to get a sponsorship from Nauti Seltzer, cause this stuff was great! I’ve always been a huge sparkling water lover, but add some alcohol to it…. they had me hooked! So if anyone from Nauti Seltzer is reading this, please hook a girl up!

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Here’s a rundown of where we ate all weekend, cause y’all know how much I love to eat and share a good meal:

  • La Cocina Mexican Grill and Bar
  • AJs @ Grayton beach
  • The Great Southern Cafe


Overall the whole weekend was amazing, the weather was perfect and I’m so thankful I was able to make some fun memories with these girls!

Well now I’m off to pack for our trip tomorrow, hopefully I don’t forget to bring my toothbrush or anything else. Ugh such a struggle sometimes!


What I Wore over the weekend:



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