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Why I Broke Up With My Bra & Why You Should Too!

I broke up with my bra, and like Taylor Swift said, “We’re never ever getting back together!”

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Happy Thursday babes! Anyone else feel like this week is never ending?! Pretty sure it’s been Thursday for the past couple of days…regardless, I’m so excited for this weekend! If the weather doesn’t turn to ice tomorrow, I’m going wedding dress shopping with my mom, mother in law (to be) and sister! I’m planning on putting together a vlog of our wedding adventures this weekend and next. So stay tuned! Today I wanna talk about why I broke up with my bra. I know this sounds a little strange, but I promise there’s a reason to it all!

Some of you may know, I’ve struggled with back issues for the past ten years. Over the years I’ve had two slipped discs and eventually found out that my lower spine was now bone on bone. OH HOW FUN. All of this basically means that anything and everything can irritate my back. I’ve had days where I feel amazing and others where I’m physically unable to get out of bed. All of these back problems forced me to experiment with different diets, exercises and yes, bras.

I started noticing that when I wore a regular bra the strap put pressure on my spine in such a way that I was only able to wear it for a hour or so before calling it quits. Now, the majority of us are ladies here, so let’s just get this out in the open. I am NOT large chested by any means. Like, I could probably never wear a bra and no one would notice. But hey, the no bra look just isn’t for me. So what is a girl supposed to do when regular bras send her straight to the couch. And don’t even get me started on strapless bras!

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No one wants to wear sports bras everyday, so after a lot of trial and error, I finally found the perfect bralettes! After a few months of wearing only bralettes, I broke up with my bra for good! 

So what makes a bralette more comfortable than a bra? Personally I love how thin the material is on my back. The ones I’ve found also do an amazing job at distributing the weight. So instead of all the pressure resting on my middle back, it’s now evenly distributed. I know that there are so many new bra options out there that could be more comfortable, light weight and help with this exact problem. But let’s have a VERY real moment… I don’t want to spend the money required for trying out bras. All of the bralettes I wear can not be seen under my shirts unless I want them to. They’re also under $30, which is a steal and a half!

If you struggle with back pain, or just hate wearing bras in general try ditching the bra for a week and see if it makes a difference!

I broke up with my bra and there has been no turning back! I’m even trying to figure out if there’s a way to create a bridal bralette…. so stay tuned.

Have you tried any of these bralette’s below? I’d love to hear what you thought!




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