From FordLee Style to Vino in the Village

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope y’all are super pumped for the weekend like I am! Aaron and I are going to Shakespeare in the park tonight, which I’m super excited for! German Village has these fun and unique events you can do on the weekend or during the week. Well actually, all of Columbus does!… Read More From FordLee Style to Vino in the Village


Wolf Mountain Winery 

Happy Tuesday loves! I spent this past Saturday exploring Wolf Mountain winery in north Georgia. The wine was delicious, the weather was beautiful and the views were amazing. My parents are huge wine lovers and I definitely took after them. When the opportunity to visit Wolf Mountain came about, there was no way I would turn… Read More Wolf Mountain Winery 


More Coffee Please

Hi lovelies! Well we officially made it through the majority of our Monday. Thank the good lord for that! Today has been rough… the weather was gloomy which made me want to cuddle in bed all day long. I feel as though I have been in a haze all day, which means tomorrow will call for… Read More More Coffee Please


Sunday Funday

Where did the weekend go?! I feel like one second it was Friday and the next it was Sunday morning. If someone could invent a way to freeze time on the weekends I would be forever grateful! This weekend was a weird one for me… let’s start by pointing out that I almost adopted a… Read More Sunday Funday


Let’s Get Real

I have been wanting to post this for awhile now. I’ve waited because, I have so much to say and a lot of it is not sunshine and rainbows. If we are being honest, people do not like when you get real with them. We like to pretend like everything is perfect and going according to plan.… Read More Let’s Get Real


Breakfast in Bed

Hey fellas! Are you stressed out about creating a romantic valentine’s day for your girl? Or maybe you haven’t put any thought into the day and just now realized it’s around the corner. Well there is no need to worry or stress! I have the perfect, easy and hassle free solution. All you need is… Read More Breakfast in Bed