My Workout Bag- Brought to you by, Honest Tea and Lorissa’s Kitchen

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Happy Thursday lovelies! I am so excited the weekend is close, even though I’ve worked from home 80% of the time… it’s still nice to know a relaxing weekend is near! Today we’re doing something a little different on the blog. I’m so excited to bring you all a tutorial on how I prepare my workout bag, the night before. Today’s post is brought to you by Honest Tea® and Lorissa’s Kitchen™ Premium Protein Snacks, which if you ask me are the perfect pre-workout snacks!

Like most of you, there is never a “normal day” happening around here. Between work and life it seems like I’m constantly forgetting something. Which is why the night before a workout, I go ahead and pack my workout clothes and snack for the next day. I know this may seem a little aggressive or an exaggeration, but y’all the peace of mind it provides is amazing!

One of the easiest things when packing your workout bag, use a water resistant bag. I like using my Longchamp purse because it’s easy to bring into the office without looking like you’re dragging a duffle bag around.

Before a workout I always find myself hungry and needing some substance. Which is why Lorissa’s Kitchen products have become a staple in our house! They’re easy resealable bags are perfect for throwing in your workout bag the night before. Lorissa’s Kitchen products all feature a clean label with many better-for-you benefits, including:

  • 100% Grass-Fed Beef
  • Responsibly Raised Pork
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Growth Hormones
  • No Added MSG
  • No Added Nitrites
  • Gluten Free
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Lorissa’s Kitchen is a delicious, premium prep-free protein snack using only responsibly raised proteins, like 100% grass-fed beef, and responsibly raised pork. They were founded on a passion for great tasting food using ingredients you can find right in your own kitchen. Their premium protein snacks are perfect for anyone living an active lifestyle that’s looking for a healthy, portable snack without sacrificing awesome flavor. Any product that is responsibly sourced, and is a  premium protein snack for people who want to live an amazingly delicious life wherever they go, is a plus in my book!
Lorissa’s Kitchen products are prep free, which allows us to spend more time doing things we love and less time making snacks. They do not want to alienate people that snack-prep but want to provide them with a pre-free option for those busy days. Which makes it easy to add into any current lifestyle!
Responsible ingredients: Lorissa’s Kitchen is high in protein, low in carbs, low in fat, has no MSG, no preservatives and is gluten free. Along with grass fed beef, they use responsibly raised pork. They use ingredients that you can find right in your own kitchen. Amazing flavor without compromise.

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Y’all know I am all about a cute and functional outfit for working out. But I have to say, snacking responsibility is really the hero of a workout. Honest tea and Lorissa’s Kitchen are the perfect combo for a better for you snack option.

“Feel better about your snack, maintain a better lifestyle”
 Honest tea has been a favorite of mine for years! I love their green tea flavor, it’s just a tad sweet and so refreshing! Has the perfect flavor and is wonderful for quenching your thirst after a workout.

You know the saying, abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Well they’re right! And fueling my body with a protein packed pre-workout makes it easy to make smart snack choices!

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Not only are these snacks better for you and great for when you’re on the go, you can also earn $1.00 cash back with purchase of following combo, exclusive at Walmart.

  • Lorissa’s Kitchen™ Premium Protein Snacks – Any variety – 2.25 oz. bag
  • Honest Tea® – Any variety – Single bottle only
    • Both products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive credit for this rebate

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