Currently Crushing On- Health & Beauty Round Up

Health & Beauty Round Up

Did you see the last product round up? 

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Anyone else already looking for the weekend, or is that just me? The cold weather is back, so that is definitely not helping to motivate me throughout the week! I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about products I’ve been sharing on my Instagram story lately. So I wanted to go ahead and  post a Health & Beauty Round Up of my favorite products!


The topic I receive the most DMs about is definitely my hair! Honestly, it wasn’t until this past fall that I started really caring for my hair. The damage that took place was unreal, you can see my before and after photos here! Since August I’ve been on a mission to restore my hair health and these products have been amazing along the journey!


Below are the hair tools I’ve been using for years now! I’ve received a lot of questions on the type of straightener and curling iron I’ve been using. I’ve had my Babybliss straightener for 7 years now and it is still as amazing as day one! I switch between the Sultra hair wand and the Bombay wand. Unfortunately I was unable to link the Bombay wand, but their website has a ton of great options!



I truly believe that my psycho skin routine has finally paid off! Y’all have been filling my inbox with questions on what kind of makeup I wear, what my daily skin routine is and asking if I talk any supplements for my skin. So I’m spilling all my secrets! Well, not really secrets since I post about it daily on my IG story. I’ve been using the same collagen, makeup, skin care products and preventive products for around 6 months now. Everything below has my stamp of approval for improving your skin’s health!



There have been some products that have been a real game changer for my overall health! These not only work wonders for my hair and skin ( Vital Proteins products), but some have helped the slimming down (GG Crackers) process as well.


I loved rounding up some of my favorite health and beauty products for y’all! If you like these types of posts please comment below the next kind of round up you’d like to see!




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