To: The Girl Who Feels Like She’s Not Enough

While getting ready this morning, I started thinking back on this past weekend. When I got back from wedding dress shopping, Aaron (my fiancé) kept asking to see the dress. When I told him that he had to wait, he started joking that it wasn’t fair that he was the only one who couldn’t see it. I reassured him that it was worth the wait and he would love the dress. That it was the only dress that made me feel beautiful immediately.  Without skipping a beat he responded, “you always look beautiful though.” I laughed it off with some awkward comment about how there was no way I looked good at the moment, with no makeup, hair in a rats nest and retaining enough water to fill up Lake Erie. I told him that he was just trying to sweeten me up so he could see the dress. He smiled, turned the tv back on and simply said, “well to me you are.”


I truly believe that you will meet two types of people in your life. And how you react to each type will determine your outlook on yourself and others.


The first person will be someone who tells you that you are NOT enough, and who’s actions will make you feel as though you are inadequate. You will never do enough, be enough or say enough for this person. Everything that you are will feel like an awkward mistake.

The second person will be someone who makes you feel special from day one. This person will speak words of love and encouragement into your life, whether you feel like you deserve it or not. This is the type of person who you’ve done nothing to gain their sweet words, but they give them freely.

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When we feel like we’re not enough, it’s easy to push this second person away. It’s easy to tell them that they’re wrong or they must be blind, because they’re not seeing what we see. Instead of pushing the second person away, shove the first one into another state. The more we believe the lies being told by the first type of person, the longer we are holding ourselves back from greatness. We are not allowing ourselves to live a life filled with love, kindness and we ultimately are missing out on our purpose.


So to the girl who feels like she’s not enough, you are more than enough. Pull yourself back up, this world needs more love, starting with loving yourself.




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